Monday, August 17, 2009

For The Love of The Game...

One of my favorite things to partake in is a good board game or any other sort of game that does not require athleticism. I am not athletic in the least, but I do thoroughly enjoy cheering on my favorite sports teams. Anyway, I think playing board games is great fun, especially with a great group of friends. Two of my favorite board games are Monopoly and Sorry. My favorite game of them all is Chickenfoot, though. In recent years my family plus our best family friends have set aside Friday or Saturday nights in the summer to play Chickenfoot together. It is tons of fun. We tend to get pretty loud and I absolutely adore partaking in this time. I also think playing games together builds community. That, in my book, is always a good thing.

Now, you may be asking yourselves, "Why do they primarily play Chickenfoot on Friday nights in the summer?" The answer to that question is because Friday nights in the fall are solely dedicated to great meals and Abilene High football. If you know me or my family at all you know that we bleed black and gold. High school football is my daddy's passion. He seriously is like a kid in a candy store when August rolls around. I love watching his anticipation every fall. Every year when Abilene High football begins, I know cooler weather and fall traditions are not too far behind and that always puts a huge smile on my face and in my spirit.

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