Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Possiblities...

God has been equipping me for something big for a while now. I haven't known what the big new adventure would be, but I've been ecstatically exctied about new things on the Lord's horizon for me! The Lover of my Soul has been so intensely sweet to me as He has had me in His divine School of Equipping. I've absolutely adored walking beside Him as He has pointed out things that have needed to be pruned in me and as He has created intensely personal messages just for me and my spirit's encouragement. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am being led by the Holy Spirit in the season of life I'm in the midst of living right now. That feels unspeakably good. God is just plain FUN. He has such a beautiful way of weaving His purposes, ordinances, and plans in a life that is given over to His governance, authority, and control.

God has placed some absolutely Heaven-sent people into my circle that have allowed me to be authentic and to be completely me. There is such a sense of peace and belonging in that. It brings a demision of security to my life before God and before men. I've learned that I'm enrolled in God's School of Mastery for a lifetime and that when I don't promptly pass a test He brings, I get second chances to retake the courses and exams over material we have covered together. I just love being a Child of His. I have learned that I am one hundred percent His. He just makes life so worthwhile and full of excitement and surprises every single day if I constantly look around for His Presence and activity.

Speaking of surprises, He floored me recently. A prominant Abilene photographer and Highland member seeked me out to propose an idea for collaboration with her in a project. If you read this blog, you know that I have a passion to write, but my number one passion is becoming all that God has desired me to become in Him. She approached me and asked if I might be interested in giving words to some of her images. I immediately became very excited in my spirit because it seemed that the Holy Spirit was screaming at me and that does not happen to me very often. I believe that the Lord has equipped me for this new adventure. Now, here's where you come in. If you read this blog, I would like to ask for your prayers in this new opportunity. My number one prayer request is that I will become the Holy Spirit's scribe and to allow Him to dictate every word that I write down. My second prayer request would be that I DO NOT become puffed up and full of ungodly pride. I want to be a set apart glory-bearer and an authentically devoted and fully equipped conduit of His glory. I don't want one ounce of the glory in this. I want to give it all to the One who created these giftings within me. This new adventure combines two of my favorite things: writing and pictures. I'm very excited and I leave it all in God's hands.

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JENNY said...

How exciting! You will be awesome at this.