Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exercise, It Does A Body Good...

In the last three days, I've done something wonderful. This certain action has become foreign to me in many ways. It is the issue of exercise. For the last 3 days, I've reacquainted myself with the notion that exercise will quicken my journey to a healthier way of living. I've walked around my parent's subdivision, around the perimeter of my church on Sayles, and it has been total bliss. Like many of my friends, I've relearned that I actually like the burn that resistance brings to my physique. In other words, the burn feels really good.

In January, like every other year for the past five years, I asked the Lod for a word, and He kept bringing discipline to my spirit. Well, this went on for several days and I finally figured out that 'discipline' would be my mantra for 2009. The Lord has been stressing the point in my life in recent months that if I intend on following through with the purposes and ordinances He has placed to become my kingdom identity, I must learn to retrain my spirit, my body, and my mind to allow the Holy Spirit to have room to govern and athorize the yearnings and actions of my being. Believe me, it has NOT been easy, but it has proven to be very timely and incredibly beneficial. And, I am so not all the way to a full maturity in these areas yet. That's the beauty of Christian discipleship, its gradual upgrading process. One that I've come to embrace and enjoy.

Walking a little everyday has shown me that a little effort and commitment goes a really long way. If I show God how seriously devoted I am, He will have no choice but to assist in my development of spiritual toning and muscle for the hard things every season brings. Back to that 'discipline'. I wasn't sure on New Year's Day when I received it, that I was supposed to keep it and dwell on it for twelve months, and I didn't know what shape and form discipline would take in my journey, but I liked the feeling of not being mediocre or comfortable with the word discipline. So I took the baton from the Lord and I hopefully have done Him proud with entrusting me with all that the word discipline encompasses and entails. One of my best friends is getting married later this year and I want to be smokin' for his wedding. In fact, I get to see him and his precious fiancee this weekend and I am beyond excited!

God, please bless me and all those who you are challenging this year to be disciplined and proven worthy of Your name, Your calling, and Your destiny in their lives. Give us supernatural courage to forge new paths in your grace and peace and walk with us as we try with every fiber of our beings to make You famous with the offerings of our lives."

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JENNY said...

I love walking and can't wait to start exercising again. Good luck. You can do it!