Monday, February 09, 2009


I want to be a person who gives life to others. I don't want to be a negative person. Negativity produces nothing that is beautiful or godly. I yearn to be a life-giving vesel of the Lord. I desire to be a woman who is firmly rooted and established in the everlasting Source so that I can spill out blessing, goodness, and positive seeds wherever I am. Being given to positive things does wonders for the spirit. It is also healthy and fitting to overflow with life since I have been given the most costly Life there is- life in Jesus Christ. I want my words, thoughts, actions and the workings of my inner life, which is my reputation with God, to be consumed and centered in giving life. Filling people with worth and signifigance is so much fun. I always think that what I reap I will sow later, so I want all of my interactions to be life-giving.

I have been richly blessed to be surrounded by lfegivers in my journey. These people encourage, sharpen, and spur me on to do good things. It is just wonderful to be around people that give life in their words, in their actions, in their thoughts, and in their choices. I want the people who surround me and influence me to be full of Life so that I can stay vitally united with Jesus. Lifegivers are just the best.

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annalee said...

thank you for sharing! what good reminders.