Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I'm a Fall Girl...

Hi my dear readers.  I'm so excited.  The calendar has turned to September, and for that I'm grateful.  I'm an Autumn girl to the core.  I love high school football, I love college football, I love the holidays that hit during the fall months, I love candles burning, I love the cool crispness that somehow is ushered in during the fall. I love the beautiful clothes, and accessories.  Fall could be a year-round season and I would be totally in heaven.  In my mind, Fall is the perfect mix of all the seasons.  It can be warm, but the crispness is a lovely touch.

I also love Fall because it holds my birthday month.  October is the best month if you ask me.  This year is very special.  I turn 30.  I am excited about that.  I'm really thankful that I was born during the Fall.  I absolutely love the coziness of my favorite season.  Wrapping up in a blanket, while burning a candle, getting lost in a good book, while drinking my favorite Earl Grey is just my definition of Fall perfection. 

I also love traveling in the Fall.  I'm thinking a birthday celebration trip is in the works.  Going on roadrips with my family is so much fun.  We love visiting Fredricksburg during the Fall.  Of course, we go to all the away football games on Friday nights and that is fun too.  One of the things I love is bringing the cold weather bag to football games on these trips.  It means my very favorite weather is upon us.  What are some of your favorite things about Fall? Where do you love to travel to in Texas?

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Mary Kay said...

Somehow I knew you were turning 30 this year...hmm...seems like someone else is too! :)
I am with you girl, I could live with Fall being a year long season! :) I love all the things you mentioned! We love to go to Boerne. Not as many fun shops but enough to get my fix. Of course one of my favorite fall activities is going to Colorado to see the changing of the colors...but I am thinking that I will just have to look at my pictures this year!