Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Overtaken by Joy...

Here's something you my not know about me.  I adore joy.  It is my very favorite fruit of the Spirit.  If my existence could be summed up in one sentence I pray that it is this, "Lauren was a woman who pursued and lived in joy no matter the circumsance."  I have a friend who has talked time and time again about a "no-matter-what kind of faith" and while I want that as well, I want to spread a "no-matter-what kind of joy" in the world.  In fact, more than that, I yearn to be overtaken by joy.  I pray that it defines every single fiber of my existence on the earth and in heaven.  Here are some things I've learned about joy:

Living in joy is so much fun.  The posture of joy invites fun into every area of life.  It lessens the pressures of life.  Part of the fun of joy is learning to let it spill out of you and onto everything you do.  It has the power to change circumstances, people, and atmoshperes.  That's fun.  My favorite fun part of joy is that it partners with heaven.  Every day is different and full of ways to trust, rely on, and place confidence in God.  To me, that is fun.

As a believer, I am made to abide in joy.  I love that pursuing joy is not supposed to be a passive activity.  I am supposed to dwell in it and its power.  God wants me to learn to stay in posture of joy through all that life throws at me.  As I choose to abide in joy, He supernaturally equips me to gain more territory in Him.  Abiding in joy ensures that I go to a deeper, richer, level of fullness.  I want that so badly.  Choosing joy allows me to saturate myself in the goodness and kindness of God.  I love that.  My prayer every day is that I will abide in a posture of joy.

Joy is meant to be spread and shared.  I want to be a woman who allows the joy of Jesus and life in the Holy Spirit to spill into the lives of everyone I come in contact with.  God created joy to be spread in everything we do.  He created it to be contagious.  That fact ignites a fire deep in my bones.  It gives me purpose every day.  All people deserve joy.  Life is so hard without it.  Joy adds vibrancy and life to the world.  Knowing that, why wouldn't we be looking for ways to spread it?  I found this little treasure today as I began a word study on joy:

"The ransomed of the Lord will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads.  Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away." -- Isaiah 35:10


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Mary Kay said...

No wonder your favorite is JOY! You are one of the most joyful people I know. You radiate JOY. You have brought such JOY to me in your life, your words, your notes, your sweet smiling face! Thanks for all the thoughts you are sharing, you are such an inspiration to me sweet Lauren!