Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fill Me Up...

Being in God's presence is my favorite thing about this journey of walking the earth.  Nothing on the earth compares with times of being still before my Maker and allowing myself to be fully and completely loved, transformed, and empowered.  I absolutely adore the intimate, soul-to-soul connectedness I experience when I take time to seek and encounter His presence.  There is no sweeter place to be on the planet than to be bowed in spirit, soul, heart, and mind upon the altar of His heart.  Tuly, it is the central source of my entire existence.  To have my heart so passionately pursued is the life-blood that fuels my devotion and commitment to confidently believing in and becoming the woman He has created, called, and desitined me to be.  As you spend time in His presence, you will see that it begins to color overtake every area of of your life.  Once you experience the reality of His presence, you will be hooked.  I promise.  Try it once.  I dare you.

You may be asking yourself, "How do I begin to experience time in God's presence?" The answer is to invite Him to abide and inhabit wherever you are.  He is wild about you.  He cannot wait to connect heart-to-heart with you.  Just ask Him to come and invade your space.  The completely awesome and totally astounding thing is: He will!  The way I seek time in His presence is through  times of soaking (and no, it is NOT in a bathtub).  Soaking is positioning yourself to love on God and to allow Holy Spirit to come and love on you.  It's really simple. Get in a really comfy place and just say something like, "God, I come into this time to experience your love.  Come and have your way.  Fill me up."  It may sound kooky or weird at first, but TRUST me, it will completely revolutionize your life.  Another thing, remember the really comfy place I told you to find? I'ts totally OK to get in that place and find that you may fall asleep.  The first time I soaked, a lady fell asleep so hard she snored really loud.  God knows what you need to receive.  Soaking really is coming to a place where your soul can rest.

I look at soaking as a radical weapon of warefare.  I believe it is an essential tool to have in any believer's arsenal.  It infuriates the enemy and totally annihilates any power he holds.  As you spend time in God's presence, you are completely untouchable to the enemy.  He cannot be anywhere that God inhabits.  I love that.  One of my favorite things about soaking is that in these uninterrupted, unhurried times of intimacy, God and His Spirit will talk to you, friend-to-friend.  Like anything else, it takes time to create a continual, reciprocal, relationship.  I promise you, once an intimate atmosphere is established, you will be given access into the heavenly realms and the heart beat of the supernatural like never before.  God's presence brings me extravagant joy.  It is the place where I am filled up in order to have something to pour out for the sake of the world. 

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