Monday, August 27, 2012

Some of My Current Loves...

Since it is Monday, and almost 10 PM, I thought I'd go light on this beginning of the week post.  I don't have enough brain power to devote to meaty subjects at this time of night.  Here are some of thethings I am in love with right now:

Married To Jonas: I sat down and watched this show on E! just tonight, and I must admit, in my estimation, its a million times better than Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  I'm looking forward to my weekly dates with Kevin and Danielle Jonas on Sunday evenings.  Plus, whenever I did watch the Kardashians I felt really guilty and that I needed to find a cofession booth immediately or the nearest priest. Married to Jonas leaves me with a very clean conscience. 

Some of my readers may already know of my undiagnosed obession with scarves.  It is an addiction, but a very cute and fashionable one, if I do say so myself.  I always feel so put together when I add a scarf to my wardrobe choice for the day.  They make me feel sophisticated.  I'm only permitting myself to wear lightweight scarves right now.  There is no way I could do pashminas.  Texas summers are just too hot.  Scarves are a small accents that I can add to make it feel a little more like Fall has arrived and will be staying for a while.

Tea: If you've known me for any length of time you know of my adoration for tea.  I drink it ice cold in the Spring and Summer and piping hot in the Fall and Winter.  I feel like it also incorporates a tradition of another one of my favorite things: all things British (except for blood pudding. That's where I draw the line.)  I love the process of making tea, I love the smell of it steeping, I love its taste, and I love how a good-sized cup of it feels in my hands.  It's therapeutic to enjoy my tea.  My favorite blend is the classic black tea.  I'm very much a traditionalist when it comes to this.  It's always my drink of choice.

I'm loving that school is back in session.  It is during this time every year that I think of Kathleen Kelly's famous "...bouquets of sharpened pencils" line. There is a huge chunk of my family that are reachers or administrators so the beginning of school is always a huge life event every year.  I love everything about it.  It means a fresh start.  It means learning at deeper levels.  It means making new friends.  It means dreaming new dreams.  I love learning so when August rolls around, I'm a happy young woman.  Plus, this year is special because all of my family, my mom, dad, brother, and sil will all be back in the same town.  I am so excited.  The beginning of a new school year is always wonderful because in some part, I feel like the fantasy of becoming a real-life teacher might actually come true.  Playing school was always my very favorite way to spend my time as a little tiny girl.  I used to have a very strong Texas twangy accent when I taught, and the refrigerator make for a fabulous chalkboard.  Here's to those special memories...

What are you currently loving these days?  



Wendi said...

I love scarves and the beginning of the school year, too. I'm also into fall scented candles and trying to enjoy the last little while of wearing my summer dresses. Hope all is well with you!

Mary Kay said...

I am loving reading your blogs! :)
I also love scarves and tea and all things (except Blood Pudding!) British too! After visiting London this spring...I am totally hooked on London and all its pretties! Including tea and scones!