Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Spirit is Full...

Hi, blogworld! It has been awhile once again.  I have been on a journey this summer, and let me tell you, it has been quite a wild, divinely-orchestrated ride.  As a result of this aforementioned journey, I've been filled up to overflowing with new posts.  You can expect to find a new entry in this space every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday/Saturday.  That last one is dependant upon which day I can most easily sit down and put the time and energy into organizing my thoughts.  I am really excited about sharing the parts of my heart that can be shared.  I realize that some of this journey that I've been on can only be between me and the Lord, but I'm hoping that by sharing where I've been, what I've learned, and what I think about a certain topic can help bring anyone who visits this space a little more authenticity.  I am big on authenticity.  Another thing that is immensely important to me is building a sense of community wherever I am.  I thrive off of these two gifts.  These two things take time to grow in any environment, and I am completely aware of this.  I desire this space to be a place where authenticity, vulnerablity, and community will break out over time.  I belive with all my being that the only way to fully enjoy and embrace this journey of life is to do it with complete authenticity in every area.

My hope and prayer is that this can be a space where anyone can come and find joy for their journey and also that they might find some tangible and life-giving steps toward knowing complete and unashamed freedom in their pursuit toward what lasting fullness of a life lived well looks like like. Many blessings to you, dear reader.  May you know how fully the Lord delights in you right where you are today!

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