Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taking Part in Football History...

Greg and Blair enjoy watching the Wildcats
Greg, Carly, and I pose with the Cotton Bowl

Christin and Carly on our way to the Cotton Bowl

Like the past couple weekends, this one was no different. In case you have never visited this blog before, my family and I are crazy about high school and college football. Weekends in the fall are characterized by some form of football. Whether it is high school, college, on TV or something else, we partake in some fooball-themed entertainment every weekend. This football frenzy lasts from August through the playoffs that can last the Saturday before Christmas. Can you see why football consumes this family. I must be totally honest, I love it. I don't think I could be part of my family if I didn't. It was so much fun getting to visit a stadium that I've seen thousands of times on TV. It was awesome getting to be in an environment that is steeped in so much collegiate fanfare and history. I loved being able to partake in some of the fun that the student athletes get to experience during Bowl week in the College Bowl Series. Seriously, I created some wet, fun memories with my family of choice this weekend.

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