Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unchanging Anchor...

One thing I am very thankful for is the fact that God is an unchanging anchor in a world that is so turbulent and uncertain. If God is in our lives we have an everlasting source of certainty and assurance. He beckons us to a life that is sure; a life that is built on a foundation that cannot ever be shaken. His unchanging nature anchors our lives in an ever-increasing hope and redemption. Boy, that floods my soul with such joy. On days when we cannot seem to find our bearings, God stands ready to step in and live through us using His power and strength. He always welcomes us into the communion of His presence. So, when the winds of this world are threatening to undo you, step into the hope that anchors life in God. It is a wonderful and life-giving place to be. It is an everlasting source of peace and comfort.

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