Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jesus Colored Glasses...

I have been reminded recently how God sees me and it has been so refreshing and comforting. As a child of God, when He looks at me He only sees Jesus. He dosen't see my sin. He doesn't see my inadequacy. He doesn't see any speck of unworthiness. I am seen by Him through Jesus colored glasses. That just thrills me to the core of my soul. I am so thankful for the fact that God only sees me through His righteousness. Every day I praise Him for the price Jesus paid to allow me to be ingrafted into His heart. I can live a life free from worry and anxiety because I am an heir along with Jesus. That thought just really excites me. I can unashamedly approach God and ask Him to do and provide big things in my life and the really neat part is so can you. Know this, if you have accepted the invitation of Jesus to live His Way, His Life, and His Truth, you are always welcome to ask whatever you wish. Remember, God sees all of His beloved children through Jesus colored glasses won through the redemption Jesus provided for us on the cross.

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