Monday, May 11, 2009

Humble Holiness And Awe...

Holiness is something that is of utmost importance to me. I believe it is a concept that is sorely lacking in this society. Every day before my feet hit the floor, I silently breathe a prayer asking the Lord to fill me with a reverential holiness and an awe that causes me to bow down to His ultimate sovreignty and authority in all things. I also believe a proper dose of reverential holiness and awe is vital to a healthy and ever-deepening life of discipleship and love-sick reckless abadon to the desires that govern the heart of the Lord. I can only hope and earnestly pray that my heart is governed and stirred by what concerns and delights my God.

What does holiness look like? What does a life given over to the dictates of holiness entail? I have come to learn that true and authentic holiness and awe that moves the heart of the Lord comes out of humble and relentless surrender. Holiness requires a firm and permanent decision to move according to the promptings of the Spirit. Holiness is not something that is pushy, outspoken, or developed out of a spirit of pride. Holiness moves gently. It is a way of life. It is gentle and quiet, but also demanding because holiness asks that we as fervent worshippers and dearly loved saints, live according to God's power instead of our feelings or our flesh. It asks that we live counter culturally and totally against the grain of this present world or society. Holiness sets us apart for God's plans and purposes. It sets apart to live a life totally enraptured by His glory and life set on things that are higher than our humanity. Choose holiness. It leads to a life that is so rich and satisfying. Its rewards are everlasting and eternal.

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