Friday, May 15, 2009

An Incorruptible Seal...

I love to think about the fact that I am chosen by God. I am ingrafted into the lineage of Jesus. That fact is just mind-boggling to me. That thought brings me unspeakable assurance and security. I am an adopted child of the Most High King. Wow. As I have gown in my journey of discipleship, the Lord has taught me that there are immeasurable benefits to being His property.

One of my favorite benefits is having His seal of ownership. To know that I have the incorrupible seal of the King of the Universe is absolutely indescribable. Having that knowledge gives me a humble confidence to live out my dreams and to go about doing things that make Him attractive to others. I yearn to make Him famous. His impenetrable seal affords me the honor of carrying His divine signature upon my life and most importantly upon my spirit. Satan may try to gain entry into my spirit but God has the ultimate victory and I am totally and completely His. When Satan attempts to come at me with all of his schemes, God takes me away and places me between His shoulders and underneath His wings of protection and comfort, a place Satan is not welcome. The best part is, he knows it. I am so grateful to have God's seal upon my life. My job is to live a life worthy of that seal through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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