Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lord I Love You Because....

-You are the significance and meaning in life
-You are my sufficiency
-Your Word is lovely, living, and active
-You love me extravagantly
-You lavish my journey with good things
-You give me your grace on a daily basis
-You teach and stretch me through my limitations
-You are my joy
-You are my hope
-Your mercy is new every morning
-You draw me to yourself
-You are the passion that burns within me
-You bless and strengthen others through my giftedness
-You show me the depth of my need for you
-You stir my spirit
-You constantly show me your tenderness
-You call to me through ordinary, mundane things
-You constantly are refining and growing me
-You permaeate me with your peace
-You fill my thoughts
-You make me better
-You inhabit my praise
-You give me friends and mentors to draw strength and life from
-You hold me in all seasons
-You rejoice over me
- You work through my humanness

I love you. May I forever revere and fear your name and your ways. Thank you for redeeming me, for choosing me, for cancelling my debts, for believing in my capabilities and weaknesses, and thank you for abiding with me.

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