Sunday, May 18, 2008

Family Fun....

This weekend was so much fun. I absolutely love taking little weekend trips to bigger Texas cities with anyone I am close to, but especially my family. We took one such excursion this weekend to Fredricksburg and San Antonio. Back in the fall, we decided we would go to the wedding of a guy whose family we are close to in San Antonio. My parents decided that since the drive from Abilene to San Antonio is pretty lengthy, we would just make a weekend out of it. Grant and Laura also went along. I love when my immediate family is all together in the same space! Mama, Laura, and I watched The Holiday on the way down there, we ate delicious BBQ at Hard Eight in Brady on the way to Fredricksburg, and then repeated the BBQ for lunch at the original Rudy's in San Antonio on the way to the wedding. It was yummy.

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was at a really cool stable that once housed the Clydsdale Horses. It has now been rennovated as a beautiful, rustic venue for very nice parties. I got some pictures. That should come as a big shock, right?! After the wedding Daddy and Grant wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop so the girls made an executive decision to visit La Cantera which was new to Mama and I. This outdoor mall was so beautiful! It had fantastic, but expensive stores. My favorites were Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and Williams & Sonoma. It sort of reminded me of the Towne Square in Southlake. The shopping was fun :) I had been saving up for this trip to Fredricksburg and SA.

Then on Sunday the girls shopped Main Street in Fredricksburg. I LOVE shopping in this fun liittle Hill Country town. One of my favorite things about it is walking down quaint little streets and stopping in quaint shops that are busting at the seams with precious things. Believe me, the Lord teaches me restraint and self control with a little dash of discipline thrown in :) I love seeing how the new things in this little German city has mixed the old and the new. I love the Ausin stone that all the major buildings boast. Thanks to the hospitality of three different individuals, we always have wonderful spaces to stay and enjoy time together. All in all this weekend was wonderful. Thanks Mama and Daddy. Be blessed this week :)

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Chelsie said...

Aren't weekends like that the best:)! Love You.