Monday, March 29, 2010

Basketball Blitz and Blessings...

I love college basketball. I also love Baylor University. I think you can see where this is going. I spent a good portion of my weekend watching some great March Madness match-ups in Memphis and in St. Louis, and in Houston. I watched all these fabulous games on ESPN and CBS Sports from the comfort of my parents couch though. :) My Nana and Pa are season ticket holders to all of the Baylor Lady Bears basketball games. They are die-hard, green and gold blooded Bear fans.

Here is another one of my favorite college basketball teams, Duke University. You can imagine how excited I was to know that my two favorite college teams were facing each other. It did make the cheering a bit challenging though. Here is my rule for such instances as I found myself in yesterday: If there is a Texas team playing, all my allegiance goes to that team, so Baylor had my heart yesterday. Udo, Acey, and Carter played really well last night. I was proud of my Bears even though they lost to those Blue Devils from Raliegh-Durham.

Here is where the blessings were poured on my weekend. I met my absolutely adorable and completely fabulous friend Sylvia for dinner at Schlotsky's on Saturday night before going to a praise night at Highland. This lovely lady is such a treasure in my community of friends. I am so thankful for the immeasurable gift she is in my life. It was so good to catch up on life and just sit in her presence and allow the Lord to minister to my spirit. I know she will be a forever-friend, wherever she ends up in the coming days, months, and years. She is good for my soul! Sylvia just makes me a better person all around. She is a great friend, listener, encourager, and blessing. Love you, ST. :)

I hope your weekend was full of fun and brimming with blessings.

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