Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hope Lives...

This week, through many different avenues, God has been teaching me that His hope lives all around those who seek it and have eyes and ears to receive its never-fading and unending call to keep pressing on in this earthly life. When life is given wholly to the cause of making Jesus attractive to others, and making sure our lives reflect a true-to-life representation of His activity and Presence in our lives, people have no choice but to ask questions about the hope that is made prominant in us as His chosen and dearly loved believers. To be completely honest, I want my life and my degree of devotion to raise eyebrows. I desire to make people wonder whrere my life-source comes from. I want to pursue the people of this planet with joy and pure passion.

Jesus calls me to love him with ruthless trust and abandon. He is intensely interested and invested in submissive oneness and obedience to His voice, His agendas, and the pursuits of His heart in the lives of those who claim to belong to His heritage of belief and discipleship. God doesn't look at the histories of our past decisions and failures with a red pen ready to mark up our past mistakes that have helped make us who we are. He is, however, given to making our lives tapestries of His matchless love and white-hot fervency that is found in taking unhindered delight in His thoughts, His wisdom, and His Presence. When we make a life-covenant with the leadings of His Spirit, He is given permission to permeate our entire beings as His glory breaks into the deepest parts of our inner person.

Allow hope to live in and through you this week. You will be ecstatic with the choice to give complete accesss to the glory of God, trust me. I know.

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