Monday, March 15, 2010

A Sweet Teacher...

This season of my journey with Jesus has been one of learning deeper things and I have loved it. I yearn to love Jesus desperately. My life-long prayer is that I will know Him in the most intimate way possible on the earth. I long to seek His face and the things that stir His heart with a passion that is pure, reckless, and totally surrendered to His agenda. It is my prayer that my life leads others to the feet and heart of Christ. He is just the best thing there is about this life. Jesus makes EVERYTHING worthwhile.

I am a person who is pretty progressive in my beliefs. I like to think of myself as a Church of Christ girl with a Charasmatic spirit and heart. I am not interested in being fake in my journey of discipleship. I want to delve deeply into the heart of the God I have given myself over to. I want to associate with friends who encourage, sharpen, and challenge my thinking, my beliefs, and my dreams. I want to be a student of lives that are deeply invested in the call of Christ. The Holy Spirit has been so precious to me as He has helped me discover things in my life that need to change and grow. I have come to know that the Lord is the best, most patient, and most tender teacher. I never want to outgrow the need of having a teachable spirit. I always want to welcome new lessons with gratitude and thanks. I want to be a life-long student in the School of the Holy Spirit as He leads my spiritual development into newer and richer depths of my God.

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