Monday, March 22, 2010

Books, Books, Bring on the Books...

If you know me for any length of time at all, you quickly learn one thing about me: I adore books. I relish stories. I can get lost in a good book for a very very long time. My friend Katie has been keeping a record of the books she reads each month, much like my treasured friend Chelsie. There are WAY too many favorites to choose only a few in my library. Here are some of my favorites and some I am in the process of reading right now. At least three of the featured series are going to get revisited in the very near future. Whatever I don't get to soon will be put on my summer reading agenda. Let the glimpse into my favorites begin: Anne of Green Gables has always been such a treasured series to me. I just love Anne-with-an-E. I have the all the movies almost memorized. She was such a loveable and cherished childhood playmate and friend when I was growing up. Can't wait to reread this beloved series soon.
I absolutely cannot get enough of these precious and mischevous kindred-sister characters. I see myself in so many parts of their lovely tale. I think I most identify with Jo as a writer, but with Beth as a mirror of my quiet, and eager-to-please nature. I love the March sisters and all that they learn about themselves and each other as they choose to love one another through all of life's storms, adventures, and rediculously fantastic fantasies. Marmie has also served as a wonderful teacher as I've gleaned from her fierce adoration and protection of their innocence and her ruthless trust in the relationship they share.

This is yet another beloved series of mine. I adore the Little House stories. Laura is by far my very favorite character. I can relate so much to her questions, her desire to hurry through her childhood to enter the world of adults, and her fierce, non-intentional-favorite relationship she shares with Charles. I see a lot of the same parallels between their relationship and the one I share with my own precious father. Laura is also not afraid to mess up and learn from her mistakes. I love that. This is definitely on my all-time favorite books list.
One of my most favorite characters in all of literature is Marty Davis in the Love Comes Softly series written by Jeanette Oke. I received the complete box set of Love Comes Softly on DVD for Christmas this year. I have loved, loved, loved watching them and getting lost in the similarities and overlaps in our lives. If you enjoy wonderful, clean. and faith-based movies, this is a must-see collection. I cannot wait to read the books.
I am in the midst of a season of trying to discern the stirrings of the Holy Spirit right now and I am LOVING this treasure of a book, called Forgotten God by Francis Chan, the author of Crazy Love. The Spirit is teaching me that He only seeks my obedience and my adoration rather than questioning of His leading and being afraid of man. Wow, am I so in love with Holy Spirit. If you are seeking more of His Presence, this is a must-read. This is a book I am so excited about. It is Surprised by the Power of the Spirit by Jack Deere. I am really desiring to be a student of the Holy Spirit throughout my time on this earth. I yearn to be guided and led by the agendas of the Spirit in all that I do and say. I am learning a fearless boldness as I just simply surrender what I've made out of myself to the divine ordinances of the Holy Spirit. Wow, what a precious, tender, and life-giving teacher He is. I want to always always welcome His higher ways of thinking and living.
There you go. Go and find a delicious book and happy reading :)


Mary Kay said...

We must be kindred spirits because you, Ashley and myself ALL love Anne of Green Gables! Anytime Ashley was sick when she was growing up, we would plant her on the couch, all wrapped up in blankets and turn on the Anne videos. I would sit and watch with her, I mean after all it is no fun to be sick alone! Ha. We would laugh and cry together! Sweet sweet stories!

Chelsie said...

Great book list- aren't books great!!!