Thursday, April 08, 2010

Wow, How Blessed I Am...

Recently, God has just poured so many rich blessings into my journey with Him. Today, I enjoyed a two-hour lunch date with one of my most cherished and influential mentors. In addition to the blessing of spending that sacred time, I ran into two of my very close friends Sylvia and McKinley. I just adore how God weaves friends into the fabric of our daily activities. :) There have also been so many of my friends who have welcomed new babies into their lives. I still need to schedule time to love on them. I have had some really good time with the Lord too. I have just had a fabulous time in life recently. I love when new friends come into my life. God has been so sweet to author new relationships in my community right now.

Easter 2010 was utterly GLORIOUS in my book. One of my very favorite preaching vesels, Jerry Taylor brought such a powerful and timely message about boldness and the power that resides in us through the gift of the Holy Spirit. It was good for my soul. Highland hosted a gathering before service on Easter Sunday so that people could hug, encourage each other, and engage in fellowship that was wonderful. I love fellowship, encouragement, and hugs. Monday night at soaking we listened to one of my all-time favorite prophetic voices, Graham Cooke's Rise Up, Warrior. Talk about anointed. Oh, my glory! It brought fire and deep expectancy into my entire being. I was so refreshed and recommisioned. It was a fantastic time of quiet. I hope your Thursday is greatly blessed.

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