Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turning Up The Heat...

I don't know about anyone else, but I think the news and forecasts coming out of Washington concerning the economy of our nation have been sobering. Just last week, I read a prophetic word given by Cindy Jacobs, whom I first came to know through the prayer conference I attended this summer. The word she shared was centered around the dire state our economy is in and some of the things we can do about it. The most important thing she suggested was to fervently pray. The heart of the Lord is stirred by the fervent, sincere cries of His people. If you are interested, you can find the prophetic word at I had only heard snippets about Cindy before attending the conference and was excited to learn more about her. I found her to be very humble about her prophetic gifting, but very effective in the way she used it to further the purposes of the Lord. She was very grounded in the authority of God.

So, I have been praying hard as this situation has been heavy on my heart. The Lord continues to teach me that when I am faced with situations that are beyond my control, the BEST thing that I can do is to pray unceasingly about it. I think prayer is the first step in changing any situation- be it good or bad. I ask you to join me in praying for the state of our economy, but most importantly, pray for the state of our nation. My prayer is that America would turn back to the Lord and heed His voice. May the Lord hear the prayers of His children. Be blessed.


JENNY said...

I will pray with you!

Kathy said...

Lauren dear,
Just found your blog which gives me a vehicle by which to let you know, your email still isn't working for me. Do you have a or a email perchance? If you do, please bring it to me Sunday, will you.

Now, to an equally important subject. You blog is beautiful. I'll spend a bit more time reading it tomorrow, I'm waiting for guests right now, so will have to delay the pleasure of getting acquainted with the blog until then.

In His love, grace and mercy