Monday, September 08, 2008


I have recently been introduced to a new avenue of communion with the Lord that I love. In this process, I have also been inroduced to some absolutely beautiful Christ-shaped women. This new experience is called soaking. I have only been to one soaking session, but I was hooked the first time I had to opportunity to partake in this special time. A group meets faithfully on Monday evenings in a wonderful Christ-honoring home and the presence of the Spirit is called upon as we all prepare to spend time with God. The outcome of each evening is left up to the Lord. The only thngs provided for us are pillows, blankets, and soft music leading us into the Heavenly places. It truly is magical and does wonders for my spirit. I plan to partake in soaking as long as I can and as long as it is offered. I was amazed at how sweet my time with Jesus was as I completley put all of myself into His keeping for an hour and a half. I am so thankful for times when I can be silent and completely still before the Lord. It is a wonderful start to my day and it brings such a joy into my week as I begin to allow the Spirit to play out His agenda and schedule of my time. I LOVE being available to the Spirit. There is nothing quite as sweet or satisfying that I have come to know than to know that I am being led and fed by my King. I am blesssed. My prayer is that everyone has times and places where you are able to be recommissioned, refueled, and fed by the ultimate source of all things good.

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