Monday, September 22, 2008

Counting My Blessings...

The Lord has been teaching me something very special recently that has provided a healthy and very beneficial practice in the daily happenings of my life and in my walk with Him as well. The practice I am speaking of is taking time to make note of and to consciously look for the blessings in my life. These blessings come in all different shapes and sizes and they make themselves known at all different times througout my daily activities. I try to be intentional about this all the time but it seems that the Spirit keeps quitely reminding me to be on the look out for these little Heaven-sent affirmations. They are not always huge, but I have come to find the richest ones are the small ones that come along. It may be a word of encouragement, a scripture, quality time spent with someone else, a quote or another little divine occurrance or opportunity that weaves its way into the day. I have been amazed as I have just watched that the Lord showers these blessings in life if we take the time to look for them.

Watching for and expecting blessing is something that I believe is crucial in order to experience a fulfilling life. If I am constantly expecting a blessing to come along, it most assuredly will in the Lord's time. I have also found that this practice really makes life fun and especially when it comes to my life in God. Looking for blessings keeps me and God on our toes. It always seems that He outblesses me though. I think that is the way He is on alot of things. If I give something to Him, it seems that he gives me far more than I gave Him in the first place. God is amazing in that way! Watching for blessings also brings joy and peace into other peoples' lives as well. If others are looking for and expecting blessing, it seems that worry, doubt, fear, rejection and a whole slew of other detrimental seeds have a harder time gaining entry into their hearts, souls, and maybe even their lives. I guess my word of encouragement for today is rooted in the lesson to try to intentionally look for and EXPECT good things and blessings to come. Believe me, I am still trying to learn this lesson and to implement this practice into my own life, but the time I have spent trying to cultivate this habit has turned out to be a great experience. Take time and try it for yourself :)

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Kate said...

Such powerful and true words! Thanks for the encouragement and reminder. I'm glad you are seeing many blessings in your life.