Monday, September 15, 2008


I have always enjoyed writing. It has been a very faithful outlet for me in many ways. Writing allows me to get what is swirling and sifting through my head out into the open in a private way. Many of the things I write are tucked safely within the pages of my numerous journals. I also believe there is a lot of power in writing. There seems to be such a permanant nature to anything in black ink. When I write anything, I feel as though my soul can truly breathe deeply. Writing also can and very often does provide such a tangible peace in my little personal and public world. I am thankful that the Lord created writing because it has served as a quiet, but loyal companion to me so many times. For that I am grateful.

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karen said...

you have a gift of writing. i enjoy seeing how your thoughts become alive in your printed words. thanks for sharing your talent with us. keep on writing! GOD bless! karen