Monday, June 23, 2008

No Words....

On Saturday afternoon, I returned from a three-day prayer conference in Phoenix called PrayerQuake. To say that I loved it is putting it at the mildest point possible. My prayer leading up to the conference was that the Lord would open my mind, heart, spirit, and soul to receive whatever the He had in store for me. I wanted to be completely surrendered and open to His will and what was on His heart concerning my inner life and my inner reputation. I truly cannot express in words what I experienced. This conference and the quality alone time with the Lord came at a wonderful time because I have been walking through a season of trying to embrace godliness in every area of my life. I desire godliness to be the standard of my entire being and everything that I am. Here are a few of my observations and imprints left on my heart by God.

1. The times of worship were completely orchestrated and visited by God. PrayerQuake took place at a non-denominational church which I absolutely loved. If I had to categorize this church, I would say that it is Pentecostal. There were shofars blowing, flags waving, people dancing in the aisles, and men and women down on their knees worshipping before God. At several points during these times of worship, I found myself thinking, "I cannot wait for life in Heaven because I know this is how we will worship before the Throne of the Most High. " These people were not ostentacious or arrogant in any way. What showed was the absolute reckless abandon they possessed as they worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. It was phenominal! The other thing that I really respected and admired during these times of worship was the way in which the leaders of this conference did not want to squelch the moving of the Holy Spirit. They totally understood that we were experiencing hollowed, sacred times with the King of Heaven. They knew they were on holy ground being visited by the Lord. I felt as though I was in the throneroom of God.

2. I came home with a renewed and fervent passion for my communion times with the Lord. I am always very excited to spend time with God, but this conference confirmed the need to spend my entire day being led and fed by the promptings of God and the Holy Spirit. I want desperately to allow my schedule to be dictated by the agendas of the Lord. God has placed an insaitable hunger and thirst for His Word deep within my inner man the past 5-6 months. Being devoted to reading His precious Word--what he thinks, what he says, what he knows, and who he is has become a matter of life or death to me. I am desperately wanting to become at home in the Word of God. I want to be challenged by it, changed by it, encouraged by it, and convicted about how to live my earthly life so that the Lord alone can be honored, revered, and loved with every single thing wihin me and about me.

3. The speakers at this conference as well as the workshops were very authentic and powerful. I participated in a class about the power of praying God's Word, one about hearing His voice, and one about the realities of spiritual warfare in the heavenly places as well as on earth. I received such beautiful, rich treasures from each one of these classes. I want so badly to be intentional about all three of these subjects. I won't go into all of the specific things I received here. To be honest, there are just too many. Suffice it to say, I received rich, transforming information that will help equip the incessant, fervent, Spirit-saturated person of prayer that I yearn to become.

God is good and my heart and spirit are full. Through the fruit of this conference, the Lord opened wide the storehouses of my spirit, soul, heart, and mind to pour in His knowledge, His joy, and most importantly, His heart so that I in turn can be ready and waiting to bless those in the Body of Christ and in the ordinary, day-to-day, mundane areas of my life for His glory and honor. The name of the Lord be praised. I am abundantly blessed.

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