Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorite Things Friday...

OK, ya'll, I have a confession to make. I know its Favorite Things Friday, but seeing as though the creative gene somehow missed me as I was developing in my mother's womb, I will share one of my other favorite things: my favorite brands and flavors of hot tea. I adore hot tea and hot chocolate. I love these two beverages any time, but I especially enjoy them during the wintertime. It most definitely is my hot beverage of choice. So here we go:

I LOVE Twinings Lady Grey Tea. In my opinion, it is a wonderful blend, with a very faint citrusy flavor. This delightful tea is one of my very favorites to drink in the morning to wake me up. This tea is just wonderful all around. I adore it.I love plain 'ole Earl Grey as well. This tea just warms my soul. My favorite time to drink it is on a bitterly cold winter day wrapped up in a comfy-cozy blanket. I have a deep and tall mug with precious cherries on it that I love to drink plain Earl Grey out of. Every time I get to enjoy Earl Grey this way, I feel as though all is right in my world.

Here is where another confession comes in. I have a new love affair beginning when it comes to hot cocoa. This is Stephen's Candycane Cocoa. I had my first soire with this delicious concoction today, and I will never go back to plain hot cocoa. Candycane Cocoa is addicting. Try it, you'll love it too. I truly want to hug whoever invented this yummy beverage. This company will have my business forever. I love this stuff. The candycane notes that are in this cocoa just make me feel good and they make me smile. Sorry its taken me until after 8 to get this typed. I really want to try the English Breakfast Tea blend from Twinings. I think that will be my next tea-reated purchase. So now you are aware of my fervent and undying love of hot tea and hot cocoa. Hope you enjoyed peeking into this part of my personal world. Until next week, go enjoy some hot tea :)


JENNY said...

I love hot tea, too. I will definitely have to try that hot chocolate. yum!!

Mary Kay said...

All three sound yummy! I am with you about a cup of hot tea or cocoa on a wintery day! I love my coffee in the morning, but I too enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon! I will have to try Lady Earl! I also have a favorite mug that I just love to drink out is like you have to find one that fits your hands right! :) Happy sipping!