Saturday, January 09, 2010

Favorite Things Friday, Saturday Edition...

My sweet and wonderful friend Ashley got me hooked on Fridays last year reading about some of her favorite things. I adore things like this that give someone a chance to peek into the lives of people they love in order to get to know them a little more, so I thought I'd join in on the fun. Here we go:

This was a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-love this year. I adore big bags and I also adore plaid so I know I will get years of use out of this little treasure! It is still waiting to be packed for its inaugural weekend getaway, but it smiles at me everyday and makes my heart feel good.

I also have an on-going, ever=strengthening love affair with monograms. The pillow has a home on my couch and says 'LEC' inside the diamond. The blanket was given to me by my mom but I don't remember the occasion. It sure does keep me warm on a cold day. I love it to pieces.

OK. You know how when alchoholics go to an AA meeting they have to stand and introduce themselves? Well, instead of being an alcoholic, I need an intervention for my love of candles. I probably have 5 in my kitchen cabinet at any given time just waiting to be used. I cannot tell you how at home my soul and my heart feel when I bring out one of these little jewels. It's like I'm in my own little piece of heaven on earth. Right now, my candle of choice is a Red Currant one I picked up at the grocery store. My little home is not big at all so the smell permeates every square inch within about 15 minutes. It is pure bliss in my book.

Until next week, go surround yourself with some of your favorite things :)


JENNY said...

Love the bag and I am in LOVE with candles, too!

sara lindsey said...

thank you for your sweet comment! love and blessings to you!

Ashley said...

cute bag! I'm glad you are going to join in on the friday fun! :)