Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorite Things Friday...

Here are my favorite things in the bath and body department. Hope you enjoy:

The shampoo and conditioner collection I use is wonderful for me. I use Herbal Essences infused with orchid oil and coconut milk. Whenever I forget the flavor, I just look for the blue bottles. I am very big into loving the way things smell. This shampoo and conditioner collection just makes my heart happy.

I love this St. Ives 24-Hour Moisture lotion. It makes me feel so clean. I love using it especially during the winter months.I feel so soft when I wear it.

I absolutely adore this Dove Necterine body wash. In fact, I think it is my very favorite step in my shower routine. I love the sweet smell to pieces. This product brings me a lot of joy. I believe every one should have this in their cabinet, but, that is only my very biased opinion. I also thoroughly enjoy the Clean Cucumber smell Dove produces.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Burt's Bees lip balm. Right at this moment, I have two tubes in my purse just in case I run low. I adore how it makes my lips feel. It has a wonderful soothing effect on very chapped lips. I also love that is has a touch of peppermint flavor in it. I know some people who cannot stand it. I happen to think it is such a great invention myself.


Mary Kay said...

I need to check out the St. Ives lotion. I am always looking for good lotion and I love their other products but hadn't heard or seen this one! Thanks for the good tip!!! Love ya girl!

Ashley said...

I might have to try the dove nectarine wash next time!