Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tour De Fabrics...

Today I want to take you readers through a tour of my favorite patterns. I will save my very favorite until last. I am a person who happens to adore pattern. I think they add so much wonderful personality and fun to life. Here we go:

Toile - I love this pattern because it is rich and it often tells a story. Whenever I run across this favorite I catch myself wanting to ask the figures in the pattern about their lives. I also love the informal nature of this pattern. Toile just seems so comfy and cozy in my mind. There are also little toile touches in my home, so that is another reason why its a favorite of mine.

Polka-dots - I love this pattern because it is so cheery. Polka-dots seems to give me a boost in life. This pattern is just tons of fun in my book. Another reason I love them is because they are so festive and celebratory. This pattern brings a smile to my face every single time. Who knew polka-dots could add so much to life? Damask - I think this pattern is so classy all the way around. It makes me feel so luxurious. I also happen to think this pattern is just lovely to look at and take in. It adds so much sophistication to life. It says opulent to me.
Houndstooth - This, my dear readers, is my absolute favorite pattern of them all. Houndstooth brings such joy to my life. In my book, it is the classiest and most sophisticated of all the patterns. I gravitate toward this pattern, no matter the article. It could be on clothing, stationery, fabric - whatever. I love it to pieces. And oddly enough, the only two things I own that are houndstooth are a stationery set and a most beloved scarf.

I hope this tour into some of my favorite things has been a delightful little glimpse into what makes me who I am.


Ashley said...

Those are some of my favorites as well!!

Rebecca Gibbs said...

I love your love of fabric, Lauren! I have quite an obsession with pattern as well, so I'm glad to see we have that in common! : )