Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite Things Friday...

Places I Dream of Visiting Soon...The International House of Prayer (IHOP) Kansas City -
This is a very, very, very dear place in my life. I haven't had the blessing of experiencing it yet, but I pray about going soon every single day. Many a dream has been authored by me and the Lord for the plans He has for me in this place when He and I are both ready. I can't wait to go to Kansas City Mossouri and walk through these doors. There is such a powerful and tangible sense of the Presence of the Lord that resides here. I have prayed many times to take part in a school sometime soon. IHOP, you are loved, treasured, and dreamed of often. I WILL get to Kansas City.
Bethel Church - Redding, CA
This is the home of my beloved Bill Johnson. God has used Bill, Beni, Kris, and Danny to make me want to pursue higher things of God in a new depth. It is my prayer that Highland can assume the culture that this church embodies. I have learned volumes about miracles, honor, prayer, and walking in signs and wonders in this hour in our world. Bethel has so many ways to be equipped and prepared to fight the good figt and see enormous victories in the process. Bill has taught me how important it is to be mentored and in community with others - believers and those who are not yet. I cannot say enough good about this beautiful and sanctified place. Redding is drempt of every day as well.
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship - Toronto, Canada

This is another one of my beloved churches. I have learned so much about the Father heart of God in this place. John and Carol Arnott are the senior pastors here. This is another place that I've prayed about visiting. Another wonderful violinist that attends TACF is someone I could listen to 24 hours a day, Ruth Fazal. There are so many prophetic leaders in this church family. I'm thankful I have this place to learn from and go deeper in Jesus. My friends Amy, Latimer, and so many others have brought back unspeakbly rich things as a result of being in the Lord's Presence with this group of believers.


I have longed and yearned to go to this most holy and sacred country for so long now. I have dreamed about the holy encounters I would experiece as I witnessed baptisms in the Jordan River. I have traveled down the streets of Jerusalem in my dreams professing the Name of Jesus. I want to take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. I want to go to Galgatha and experience what torturous last moments Jesus went through. I want to see Jerusalem form the top of Mount Zion. I want to say that I traveled the roads of Jerusalem and experienced the Presence of the Lamb in that most treasured Kingdom city. It holds such a cherished place in my spirit. I want to see the stable where Jesus was born in Nazareth. I want to say that I've seen the empty tomb in physical form. So, so many memories are waiting for me in this hallowed place.

Thank you for sharing in this little piece of my future and dreams with the Lord. :)

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