Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exciting Stuff is Brewing...

Oh, my! I am ecstatic right now. Life is going right along, I am learning some rich and lasting truths about my Jesus, and my church is in for such an unbelievable change. God is just rocking my world and it is so, so, so wonderful that He is. Change is a beautiful thing. It's hard, don't get me wrong, but it is amazing to behold. God is just the most wonderful partner and anchor that there is in this world. I couldn't do change if He wasn't in control of every single thing in this life.

First of all, Jonathan, Leslie, Eden, and Samuel Storment are on their way to Abilene. I truly couldn't be anymore excited about them as a couple and as a family than I already am. The Cunninghams are so ready to meet the Storments. They will be in town on June 9th for a welcoming reception and you better believe I'll be in line to hug, encourage, and meet all of them. Our church body has been in a process of discernment and vigilant prayer for 9 months and we are so very excited about the family the Lord has sent to us. I would ask that you would pray for the Storment family as they transition to Abilene from Richland Hills and Fort Worth. Jonathan's first sermon is scheduled for August 22nd. August cannot get here fast enough for me to be completely honest.

Secondly, Randy Harris is such a beautiful proclaimer of the Word. Our church family is so blessed to have him as a teacher, preacher, a former of disciples, and an example of recklessly following God at all costs. He has really redefined some things for me this year. I love how he presents age-old truth in such a fresh and relevent way. The Church of Christ monk is beloved to us. Thank you, Father, for using your servant Randy to form people who cling to your truth and try to live in a way that points others to eternity.

I have prayed so hard for our future as a church, as I know many others in our body have. I am overwhelmed at how God chooses to equip who He sanctions as His leaders. My daddy has known for weeks who would assume the Preaching Minsistry position. He just had to keep it quiet. That drove me absolutely crazy. The week Jonathan was named as that candidate, God gave me a name and I began to pray. I was overjoyed to find out that it indeed was Jonathan Storment. I've heard absolutely wonderful and such life-giving things about him as a man and as a leader. You can know this for sure, Highland is in for an abundance of good things. I will be vigilant in my prayers for him and his precious family. I can't wait to see what blessings are in store as we as a church go further with God into our destiny in Abilene and the world.

Bless you this day, dear reader.

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