Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sisters of Choice...

Carly and Christin during FCA All-Star Week 2009. Love these two girls more than I can desribe

I don't know if I've ever introduced you all to my 'sisters of choice' Christin and Carly Etter. These two precious sisters in real life are the daughters of my parents best friends, Greg and Tina or 'Buster' as Greg is affectionately known in the Cunningham household as well as to all of the children of Highland. Here's a picture of my two 'sisters of choice':

Carly and Christin looking cute at Szchsuan.

I just adore these precious girls and they both have very cherished and treasured places in my heart. They bring me so much joy and love. They truly are my sisters and really really close friends. I am blessed indeed.

This is Carly, Miles and Lily, Christin and Carly's precious cousins whom I love dearly. They are hilarious :)

Showing sisterly love... :)

I am immeasurably blessed to call them family, friends, and my 'sisters of choice'. The Etter family has been such a formative part of my life and I am thankful beyond what I can say to call them special community. I'm so glad the Lord saw the need to create and dwell amongst the company of friends. My life would look so different if I didn't have these kindred people in in to shine the radiance of Christ. I am I think the Lord is so funny sometimes because He knew the dynamics of both the Cunningham and Etter families even before the foundations of the world were established. He knew we would need each other to walk the journey on the earth. I'm so blessed by this family.

Greg aka 'Buster' and Carly aka 'Bear' at a Roughriders indoor football game

To say that I love this family is so far off the mark. I am endebted to them for loving me and all my warts. They have shown me the face and heart of God so many times I cannot even count them all.

My Christin and my precious Daddy or her 'second Daddy'.

I love you Etterlets and Mama and Buster Etter. You are all loved, cherished, and treasured parts of who I am. Thank you so much for choosing to walk with us Cunninghams as we learn to flesh out the Way of Christ in this world through the manifestation of the institution of the family. Bless you guys :)

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