Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Fearless Woman's Battle...

This is my treasured and cherished friend, Kathy Kiser. Unbeknwonst to her, she has become one of my most cherished mentors through the many years of her friendship. I cannot say enough about this fearless, bold, courageous, perservering woman of immense faith, power, and unrelenting and tangible faith. She has shown the the face of Christ Jesus so many times I scarcely can count. Truly, the Lord has used her influence and wisdom; her kindness and compassion; her humble authenticity; and most importantly her ruthless pursuit of excellence before the courts of heaven.

Well, on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 her world was shaken. She, her husband, Jack, their two boys, Cole and Chase, and her precious daughter-in-law, Christi 'Ritchey' Kiser were shocked after exporitory surgery that the doctors diagnosed Kathy with cancer that has metasticized into her liver, her colon, and the lining of her stomach. Now, please know that Kathy Kiser has be endowed with a 'fighter's spirit. She WILL defeat this. She is one of THE most fervent and devoted women of the Lord that I have ever had the honor of knowing intimately. Her oldest son, Cole has been my brother's best friend since second grade. So you can see the many connections our families have shared throughout the years.

If you would PLEASE join me in praying for the entire Kiser family I would certainly appreciate it. First of all pray for Kathy: her strength, her willingness to war with the demons of hell, her stamina and endurance, ever-deepening faith and an unrelenting hope anchored in the Spirit-fueled Body of Christ, and for her spirit to remain constant, faithful, and undaunted by this battle, emotional stamina, and a supernatural knowledge of God's love and delight over her. Next her husband, Jack: that he would continue to be rooted and firmly established in godly counsel, purposes, and things that stir God's heart, that Jack will be able to provide the haven that Kathy will need from this disease, for an agape, deep, commited covenant love relationship to reside between the two of them, their marriage covenant, and whatever else you can think of as a husband and wife team committed to the Lord's ways and teachings. Cole: a willingness to serve his parents, a deep call to prayer, many "spiritual mothers" to surround and hold him up, and for Grant as he ministers to Cole, for Cole to KNOW his Mama will be ok. Chase: same. Christi: unrelenting and growing deep faith, hope, joy, peace, confidence, trust, and a commitment to walk beside Chase in this season of trial.

All of Kathy's community that has committed to surround and love her are claiming Jeremiah 32:27 over her in this season of trial: "I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" Please claim this scripture over the Kiser family and over Kathy's precious spirit. She WILL BE AN OVERCOMER!!! Thanks so much. I am so humbled by the power of the Body of Christ and the immense presence of it in the earth.

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JENNY said...

I will definitely pray for this sweet woman and her family!