Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My List of Must See TV...

I wish I wasn't such a TV watcher, but I am. I really like clean, uplifting, funny shows. Now, in my mind most of what our society deems as appropriate to expose to the American public is downright disgusting and unfit for men, women, and children who want to live holy and set apart lives for our savior Jesus. Here are my favorite shows that I record on a weekly basis.

I LOVE Tyler Perry's House of Payne on TBS. I think Curtis, Ella, CJ, Malik, Jasmine, and Calvin are hilarious. It makes me laugh every time I watch the show. I hurry home from church in order to catch this show. Good thing I live only about 45 seconds from my church building :)

Another show I absolutely adore is another Tyler Perry show on TBS called "Meet The Browns." I honestly think Leroy Brown, or 'Mr. Brown' as he's affectionately known as on the show is rip-roaringly hilarious. I have to make sure and not drink any liquids during this show because I don't want to emty my bladder. It's that entertaining. He is constantly getting concepts and words mixed up and his character is a Holy-Ghost-filled-demon-chasing follower of God. I cannot get enough of this show. I can't wait for 8:00 to roll around every Wednesday night.

"The Little Couple" is another Tuesday night favorite of mine. I have to admit, I am fascinated by this couple--their size, the way they love each other, the fact that they have wonderful, soul-satisfying jobs and so many other things. All I have to say is Go Jen and Bill. I try not to miss this show. And I love their little dog Rocky :)

What Not To Wear is probably one of my top five favorite shows ever. I LOVE Clinton and Stacey's style :) Plus, I just think they make America look so much better. Every night I ask God to send them to me. I think I dress pretty well, but I do tend to look nice but still be casual everyday. I would adore to spend 5 straight days in New York City getting a high-class makeover that would cause people to turn their heads. What girl wouldn't?? Y'all can add that to your prayer list for me as well. Maybe that's God's next gift to me :) A girl can dream can't she?

Blogger is being stubborn and won't let me post my other favorites so I'll just write about them:

Joyce Meyer's "Enjoying Everyday Life" is probably in my top two favorite shows to watch. And I love being able to tune into her show via GodTV. She just gives good, old-fashioned wisdom and I LOVE her style. She constantly keeps me in stiches and she is very, very real and approachable. Just love her to death. I want to live a life of humble excellence before the Lord and she helps me to stay equipped. I don't like to miss her even one day.

I also love to watch TLC's "Cake Boss." I think the family dynamics on that show are funny. And the guy makes beautiful creations out of fondant.

There are many others I enjoy. Maybe I'll make this a two-part post. I am just a person that enjoys good clean, heartwarming television. I don't rush out and see what Hollywood deems worthy of me spending $7 to $8 dollars to see. Hope your shows are keeping you happy and entertained!

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