Thursday, August 07, 2008

Time With Daddy....

On Tuesday I got to do something special with my sweet Daddy. He is a residential real estate appraiser and I have been helping him measure houses in and around our area. He actually is generous enough to pay me for helping him do something I truly enjoy. He had called me on Monday evening and said that he had two houses that we needed to measure. There were three special parts to this request: first, the two houses that needed to be measured were in Sweetwater which is about 45 miles from Abilene, secondly, I got to enjoy a wonderful lunch with my Daddy, and thirdly, there was the 45-minute drive back into town. Secretly, I was ovrjoyed to accompany him to Sweetwater because I knew I would be given the gift of quality time with one of the most influential, cherished people in my life.

You see, the Scriptures paint a wonderful, true-to-life picture of who my Daddy is. When I read Psalm 1 and Psalm 112 I clearly see the face of my Dad. I love to talk to my Daddy about faith, life, stuggles, and what it means to truly live a rich Christ-shaped witness. My Daddy is humble to his core, he is gentle, full of integrity, and he is a very quiet servant leader who does not enjoy any type of recognition for his giftedness. He truly is a man after God's own heart, even though, he would shy away from confirming it. My Dad is also very very wise and I depend on his wise words when I am trying to decipher what the Lord is up to in my own journey of faith. He truly is the lead-priest of our home taking direction and guidance from the Lord as to how to lead our family to Heaven.

I have learned the fear of the Lord from both of my parents, but it has been modeled to me in many other diffrent venues of life. I have seen the fear of the Lord lived out in my parents faith, in their marriage covenant, in the day-in and day-out occurances in our home. The Spirit truly resides in our home and in our family and that is something I will never have enough thaks and gratitude for. I have seen the face of God so many times as I have learned what He truly looks like in flesh and bone form through the life of my Dad and my mom for that matter. Thank you, Daddy for living a righteous, humble life before me so that Christ truly could be modeled in my own life. I love you more than I could ever express in words.


Ashley said...

I love having time like that with my dad too. What a blessing to have parents who can show the love of the Lord! Have a great day!

Katelyn said...

Your dad sounds like a wonderful father.