Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet Seasons....

I have had the honor of being given a very valuable, but fleeting gift in our whirlwind pace of a society this week. This gift I esteem so highly and cherish to the ultimate extent is the gift of quality time. I realize it is only Tuesday evening, but already, I have partaken of the blessing of spending extended periods of time with four women that I am extremely close to. The Lord has parceled out His delight and I have reveled in it. On Monday evening I shared a meal with three single women who epitomize a rich, Spirit-filled life testimony. Every second, minute, or hour I spend with them is sacred time. It is a thin place where I am taken into the presence of the Lord. I am a different person each time I leave when we have been together. Every time I depart from them, I feel as though my soul has feasted on Heaven's richest fare. They know who they are. Truly, these women showcase the glory of God. I am incredibly blessed.

Then the Lord had another beautiful blessing in store for me on Tuesday evening. One of my most beloved friends and I made plans to have a night at the movies. We saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. It was a great movie with such a sweet storyline. More than the movie, I enjoyed really getting to hear and see the season her heart was in. Spending time with people who really know you-who have poured their own lives into yours and who are eternally invested in who you are is a rare treasure in my opinion. At several points during both nights I profusely praised God for such relationships. Connecting with another soul is priceless. You cannot put worldly value on it. I believe that the value of close, godly, good-for-the-soul relationships can only be calculated accurately by the God who created them and called them good.

So, I have already had such a wonderful week. My heart is full, my soul is invigorated, and my spirit is grateful. Pictures will follow.

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