Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Specs...

I got my new glasses this weekend. I am really excited about them, I think they are really cute! I have had to get used to wearing glasses again after a month-long sabatical. When I went into the opthalmologist this last Thursday, I also found out that I could have surgery to correct the way my eyes track with one another and that made me ecstatic. I have a consultation with the leading doctor in pediactric and adult strabismus (the eye tracking problem) in Grapevine on September 25th and I can't wait to talk to him. My eye doctor here in Abilene recommended this guy in the absolute highest regard. My mom has been after me to check into this for about five years but I just haven't been ready. I am apprehensive about any surgery, just like any normal person, but especially surgery pertaining to my vision had me holding out. But when I went into my appointment, I got brave and asked if there might be a possibility to have this surgery done. I am looking forward to having my eyesight somewhat restored and the new perspective this will have on my daily life. I think it will really help me to relate more effectively and seamlessly with others. So if you could begin to join me in praying about my consultation I would really appreciate it. I have felt a peace about the decision to proceed with this if the preliminary appointment with the doctor in Grapevine goes well as we are expecting it to. Be blessed.

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