Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Means Football...

Today is a very exciting day in my life. You see, if you are part of the Cunningham family, it is required that you enjoy high school football. I say that this is a very exciting day because tonight is the first Abilene High football game of the season. Welcoming the first football game of the season is an event that ushers in the coming of fall and a lot of my very favorite things. Anyone who knows my family at all knows how much we look forward to the end of August. Seriously, my dad celebrates when this long-awaited day arrives. I think its a really good thing that I truly enjoy high school football because being a part of my family am not given much of a choice! I think one of my favorite things about the beginning of football season is our Friday night family routine. On Fridays in the fall, we go out to dinner with our friends and then head to Shotwell to enjoy the main event. I LOVE being together with other people that I am close to. Football games are not only really fun in West Texas, but they are also times when I enjoy being in the midst of community building and maintaining relationships. I love being surrounded by friends and new people.

Another really fun thing is that Abilene has been placed into another district this year. This move means that we as a family will not only travel to every away game, but we will be traveling to the DFW area frequently. I am excited about that. Football season means that my favorite season is on its way. And that the time to wear my favorite long-sleeved clothes is fast approaching. I am one happy girl :) Who knows, maybe I will see you at an Abilene High football game this season.

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