Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Birthdays and Books

I realized late last week that this week held a very significant milestone. April 6th, is a very special day. Why you ask? On April 6, 1993 I became a daughter of the Most High King. Today I celebrate 18 years of walking with God. When I look back on this day so many years ago, I am just overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness. I can truly say without any hesitation whatsover, that the decision to give my life to the Lord was and continues to be the absolute best decision I have made in this earthly life! Every day with my Jesus just gets better and better. I am beyond blessed to have the life that I do. My prayer is that I have authentically honored and glorified Him through my life's testimony. I do not want any speck of me to be counterfiet. I want to pursue His heart with everything that is in me. Thank you, Abba God, for claiming me and embossing your signature on my spirit for my time on this planet and the days of eternity. What an honor it is to be called Your daughter.

I am currently reading and praying through this most fabulous book, by Kris Vallotton out of Bethel Church (you can find a link to Bethel on my blog list). The title is "Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle". I have absolutely LOVED this read. I've been so challenged and immersed in God's ways. Its central theme is walking in the realities of Christ-like character and learning to make the realities of heaven a part of our every day experience on earth. It excites me that we can choose to flow in heaven's realites while we inhabit earth. Eternity begins now. Check it out on Amazon or and click on "STORE"

Another book I am currently reading is this lovely one written by Lisa Bevere entitled "Lioness Arising" It is absolutely wonderful so far. I just started Chapter 2 today and I'm already growing from its content. I just love how God does that. :) I believe that every woman believer in the Body of Christ MUST read this book. Here is the challenge found on the back cover: "Women, its time to awaken. God did not save you to tame you. Awaken to a life of fierce passion. Awaken to dangerous prayer, stunning power, and teamed purpose. Awaken, your respense could very well change the world."Doesn't that just make you want to dive right in? I know it beckoned to me. This book is utterly fabulous. It is very eye-opening and it has dared me to ask for more from God. He wants to accomplish big, impossible things through the women in His Kingdom. Read it, you will not be sorry.

I hope you' ve enjoyed a Spirit-filled week full of the Lord's Presence and His joy.

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Jen said...

Beautiful. Happy "Birthday" :)