Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Simple Prayer...

For the last several months, I've had one very simple prayer and petition that I've laid before the Throne. That prayer is this: I want my faith to grow. I want to grow to foster a faith that takes divine risks. My desire is to put backbone and skin on my what I say I believe. Don't get me wrong, I love words, but I've learned that words alone are cheap. Unless there is action and the 'meat' of experience backing up what I say my beliefs are, a door leading to my foundation is opened to the enemy. He thrives on shaky and unstable foundations. Remember, his entire job description is to kill, steal, and destroy. So, my job as a believer is to make sure that my entire spirit, soul, mind, strength is anchored and fixed on the One who came so that I may have life abundantly. I yearn to live a life that thrives in the things of God.

This brings me to another aspect of risky faith. I cannot speak for you, but I want a faith that makes Jesus shake His head and MARVEL. I've been claiming and trying to walk into a deeper portion of what I like to call, "faith in the impossible". I yearn to experience Jesus in all His fullness, and I think part of maturing in this thing called risky faith is asking to be taught about "faith in the impossible" so that it can be a very real part of my everyday experience. I want to walk in signs and wonders and in complete rythm with the supernatural realm. My prayer is that I will learn through the gift of each moment and new experience with God, to flesh out the heartbeat of heaven. I do realize that these are huge and dangerous prayers, but, do you honestly want to know the truth? I'm tired of being content when God gives me favor and victory over small steps and hurdles in my development as a living and breathing expression of Jesus. I want to see God do GIGANTIC, MIRACULOUS, IMPOSSIBLE things in my finite, fleshly, vapor of a life in this realm that we can see. I long to see Him reach into and beyond my "GOD BOX" and blow my mind. What about you?

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