Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite Moments This Week...

Since it is Friday once again, I thought I would share some of my favorite moments of this week:

1. On Tuesday I bought my first candle of the season. I chose a Yankee Spiced Pumpkin candle and it smells really good. I've enjoyed it so far. Smelling candles and knowing that they are present in my home just does something wonderful for my soul. It is a good thing. Candles just make me feel cozy all over. I love that feeling.

2. Yesterday, as I was waiting outside for a ride to the dentist, I heard our preacher's adorable two-year-old daughter talking to her Mommy and baby brother while she played outside. I love watching and hearing children play. Listening to her precious voice was so much fun. She is one of the most precocious little ladies I've ever met! And she's spunky. I love her little personality. Everyone definitely knows when she comes into a room. Thank you Lord, for ES. She's a doll.

3. I shared my testimony yesterday. It was so good to see where the Lord has brought me in 28 years of life and 18 years of being His daughter. I love the power of sharing people's stories. One of my favorite things about sharing testimony is that satan loses power every time I do it. I think sharing testimony is an essential part of building community. Sharing life stories shows how desperately we need to journey with others. The power of testimony brings freedom. It brings joy. I'm so thankful I got to partake in that and that God opened a door of opportunity for be to brag on Him. It was fun.

4. I got to spend some great time with this favorite little Westie of mine. She brings me so much joy. Sophie, you are such a blessing in my life. I love her precious, spunky, I-will-not-be-ignored personality. She brings so much life into our family. She's such a great friend to me who is ALWAYS waiting to give me a great welcome home. Thank you, Lord for creating dogs.
Have a fabulous Friday friends!

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