Sunday, September 19, 2010

Answered Prayers...

In late August, after a year and a half of searching, discerning, and praying, Highland welcomed Jonathan and Leslie Storment and their family to Abilene to lead, teach, and shepherd our church body. Jonathan has been preaching since August 22, 2010, and, in my humble opinion, Highland hasn't been the same. God, through Jonathan has breathed new life into us and for that I'm so thankful. Our weekly gatherings have been packed to the gills and it feels wonderful! Sunday has long been my favorite day of the week, but now, I absolutely cannot wait for Sunday to come around. All I can say, in a state of awe, gratefulness, and joy is a huge resounding WOW.

God is just blowing me away with Jonathan and Leslie. I am beyond excited to get to know them more intimately in the months and years to come. One of the coolest get-to-know-you intiatives Jonathan has implemented is opening up his office every Wednesday from 11-2 for whoever wants to come by and chat. I haven't made it over there yet on a Wednesday, but I"ve heard there have been tons of people that have come. I have just been so blessed and full of joy at the ways the Storments have wanted to get to know the hearts and faces of Highland. I adore that they are a couple that seems to be very, very relational.

Since July 2009, when Mike stepped down, I've been fervently contending for the atmosphere of our church, the man of the Lord's choosing to be revealed, protection over our church in the time of transition, and so much more. Well, I am overjoyed to report that my prayers and those of countless others have been answered and then some. Jonathan's preaching is such a breath of fresh air. He is so humble, intensely passionate about the work and Word of the Lord, and so eager to see God glorified and exalted in all things. I strongly believe that Jonathan is anointed to proclaim God's heart and the messages God desires to bring to the attention of His people. God has been so faithful to Highland, and He has just poured out His goodness as He has brought the Storment family to us. Thank you, Father!

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Mary Kay said...

You will be such a HUGE blessing to Jonathan and his family too! With your AMAZING attitude and your prayers I am sure they are already feeling blessed!!