Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Recent Happenings...

Here are a few glimpses into my life as of late:

1. I have had A LOT of opportunities to intercede for others lately. I just plain adore that. Intercession is a major passion of mine. It brings me so much joy to stand in the gap for other believers. Prayer holds immeasurable and unimaginable power and I LOVE being a part of its work. I feel alive when I am engaged in intercession. I have to say, it takes a lot out of me, but the fruit that comes from it is so worth all the energy and time. Plus, I think the eternal effects of it are just mind-blowing. I believe intecession is critical in the Body of Christ and I am so honored to do it.

2. I have had the blessing of writing a bunch of encouragement notes lately and I love that. I love making other people feel special and significant. I try to write several a week. Encouragement is vitally important to me. I have to be surrounded by encouraging and life-giving people and I think it is so important to point out the giftedness of others. In my opinion, there is not enough encouragement in our world these days. I love speaking and writing blessing into the lives of people I love, respect, and cherish. Encouragement is such a joy to parcel out and also to receive.

3. I have really enjoyed watching 19 Kids and Counting and American Idol lately. I am fascinated by 19 Kids and Counting on TLC. I love watching the family dynamics of the Duggar family. I am so encouraged by the mission and values of this family. It is so counter-cultural and out of the norm of our society these days. American Idol has been fun and excruciating to watch at times. There has been some serious talent showcased in the auditions so far, but there have also been horrific singers. I feel sorry for the judges in the audition stage. I'm ready for the time in LA to begin. I'm really excited to watch the dynamic Ellen will bring to the judges panel.


JENNY said...

You are SUCH a good encourager. I love that you write letters! Thanks.

I have really enjoyed watching American Idol, too. And, I'm excited to watch Ellen on the show. She was pretty funny last night.

Mary Kay said...

I too have been blessed by your encouragement! And your handwritten note was so precious to me! Thank you again for the way you love on others!

I am with you on Idol. There have been some amazing voices, several from very young contestants! I am looking forward to the process too!

Ashley said...

I was blessed by the note I received last week! Thank you so much for your sweet & encouraging words.

And I'm with you on Idol! I haven't watched the one from last night yet, maybe I need to get my coffee & do that while Emma naps...laundry can wait...right!?!