Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer Job

Last night my family was invited to have dinner with another small group from Highland, it is actually one that was formed when our group split into five different smaller groups in the hopes of reaching out to new families at Highland to become plugged in. In the middle of the delicious meal, made up of smoked ribs and brisket, I mentioned the fact that I was looking for summer employment. The couple that was hosting the group happens to own Friendze, Inc. which is an import store that specializes in jewelery and other accessories much like Sam Moon in the Dallas area. I was flabbergasted when Ronda asked me what I might be interested in and then told me she just might have a place for me! This opportunity, much like that of last summer, just fell into my lap! Talk about God's orchestration and control! Please pray that this works out. I would love to work for and with this godly couple this summer. Thankfully, if I get the position, I will not be in the front of the store. I hate being in the center of things. God is so good and he is incredibly faithful! Be blessed.

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Pat White said...


This is Pat White - - - I have known you all your life. I am so blessed by reading your comments. Your faith is an inspiration and encouragement to me.

Just discovered your mother's BLOG. You both are prolific writers! I hope to pick back up on my own BLOG now that summer is here. Best wishes for finding that "just right" job this summer.

Blessings to you - - -
Pat White