Monday, June 13, 2005

Family...What a Blessing

God is incredibly good! He knew that when he called us as disciples, we would need a special place to be nurtured, cultivated, stretched, unconditionally loved and infinitely valued. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God has lavishly blessed me with an incredible, Christ-centered home. I have been challenged and edified by my preciocus parents, Rob and Cheryl, indelibly. I have also been blessed to share my life with my brother, Grant, who is growing to be an incredible man of God. My mom and daddy are two people not only loved by Grant and I, but our Highland family as well. They have taught me grace, mercy, humility, and hospitality like no other two people in my life. There are no words adequate to thank them rightfully. My mom and dad are two people that I esteem very highly and I am very thankful that the Lord deemed me the daughter they needed and desired. Being raised by them has been such a wonderful experience. I am so honored to have them as the foremost guides, mentors, and disciples of my life. I pray that my family can be as fun and as spiritually rich as the one I have shared with mom, dad, and Grant. Thank you so much Father, for inventing the institution of family. This institution has given me so many invaluable gifts, such as confidence, an unshakable self-esteem, a love for Christ, and a place to be myself and to grow into a woman of hope, abiding faith, steadfast prayer, and unending joy. I love you mom and daddy. Thank you most importantly, for the gift of your journey together in marriage. You have taught me that marriage is not a place to find my identity, but it is a place to learn holiness. Thank you for instilling in me a yearning to know God in a way that my spirit will always be grown and pursued by the Lover of my soul. You are cherished and loved beyond words.

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Cheryl C said...

Immense love and gratitude back to you darling! You are one of God's best gifts to me!