Wednesday, June 08, 2005

For Everything a Season

The last couple of weeks God has really shown me that this experience we call life is a series of seasons, some wonderful, some gut-wrenching. This conviction is nothing new to me as I have viewed life in this way for quite some time. About three weeks ago now, my great-grandma Lillie died, and now I am rejoicing with people such as Brandon Scott and Sheryl Thomas for the much anticipated and prayed over arrival of Sam. I am also reminded of the fagility of life as I read of the struggles and daily praises of further healing of such vital servants as Jonathan Shaub. As a fellow daughter on the journey, I realize that these seasons, however full of wonder and majesty or sorrow and heartfelt grief, are a divine gift, teaching all of us disciples that it is only Christ Jesus, an all-knowing Father and Sustainer, and the assurance of the Holy Spirit, that can see us through any tragedy or triumph. I personally cannot even put my mind around life without the hope of a resurrected, present King, Friend, and Savior. I am given holy confidence and reigning peace as I hold fast to the promise that Christ has and will continue to walk with me in past, present, and future times of doubt, celebration, thanksgiving, fear, and uncertainty. How incredibly wonderful to know that I do not have to have all of the answers of my life analyzed and figured out to the tee! I believe more strongly everyday that I serve an ever-faithful, ever-present, all-sustaining One that has my life in the palm of his hand. Thank you Father for knowing my life's path, thank you for being intricately involved in the formation of my character and my journey into womanhood. I praise you for this season of good things. You and you alone deserve all honor, glory, and praise. May I never ever lose the firm foundation of my faith heritage, may I never lose the sweetness and certainty of your agape love, may I never fail to hear your whispers of pursuit. You, sweet Lord give my life its hope, its pulse, and its meaning. Please continue to sew and cultivate my soul so that I may be formed into an image of glory, humility, mercy, spiritual depth, and continued growth.

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Cheryl C said...

Wow, Sweets! I loved reading this and I love your sweet, God-loving heart even more! I'll miss you this week!