Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Dream of a KitchenAid Mixer....

I really like to watch cooking shows. Most of the time, my Saturday mornings are spent watching Food Network. I like a lot of things about this channel. There is one common thread that runs through all of my favorite chefs' shows- Paula, Ina, and Giada all own KitchenAid mixers. I like to bake anything be it cookies, brownies, cakes, shortbread, the list could go on and on. Ever since I became a Food Network junkie, I have pleaded for my very own KitchenAid. My mom has always promised that when I get married she will buy me one because I have never had a place or a definite need for one. Every Christmas I have secretly prayed that the Lord would mysteriously place one under the tree, but alas, it has yet to come to pass. I have kidded with those I am close to that the only thing that would top getting a KitchenAid for Christmas would be if the Lord placed a guy under the tree on Christmas morning :) And believe me I have secretly prayed for this as well! I'm sorry Mama, that boyfriend in a box that you put in my stocking a couple of years ago just isn't cutting it.

I truly don't know what my fascination with this mixer is about. Maybe I'm thinking that if and when I ever receive one, I will be a real cook. Maybe the gift of a KitchenAid would signify that I have finally arrived in adulthood. I don't know. All I know is that I have wanted one for a very long time.

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