Tuesday, January 31, 2006


My life has been richly blessed to have so many examples of Christ-honoring, sefless servants. Many of the people that I consider to be servant examples in my life do not care for the gleam of the limelight. These are men and women who truly know what it means to pick up the cross of Christ and follow his call. There is a part of each of their lives that I am praying will become part of my spirit. Some of these cherished people include Rob and Cheryl Cunningham, Jayma Savage, Squeaky Walker, Latimer Bowen Ramsey, Gary and Maria White, Mark and Gina Lewis, Jim and Susan Clark, Daryl and Rebekah Zeller, Wes and Terrie Bennett, Steve and Chelsie Sargent, Terry and Gayla Pope, Greg and Tina Etter, Jim and Jody Reese, John and Evelyn Willis, and so many others. Through the gift of these peoples' lives I have been shaped more fully into the image of Jesus. Who are some of your cherished servant examples?

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