Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Humbled by the Blessings...

I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm in the midst of an interesting, rich season right now. Do you ever sit back and ask the Lord, "What on earth have I done to deserve or receive such beatiful blessings straight from Your hand?" It seems every single day the Lord shows His intense love and ever-increasing kindness to me in new and exciting ways. One of the richest blessings I've been able to feast upon in recent days is the answer to prayer that I've prayed for a year and a half. I spent a sweet 2 and a half hours having heart-to-heart-soul-to-soul time getting to know a woman from another one of my favorite Abilene churches, Beltway Park. As I was sitting in her home listening to the ways that the Lord has directed and ordained her journey as of late, I was absolutely covered with unseen Holy Spirit goosebumps! I left our time praising and thanking the Lord for divinely ordaining and orchestrating the absolute perfect time in both of our spiritual journeys to author what we came away agreeing is a relationship that is to benefit His Kingdom.

I've tried to find words to fit my depth of gratiude for the absolutely incredible relationships God is authoring in my life in this season, and you know what, I still can't find words to convey my feelings. I think the two words that may come the closest are humbled, intensely and extravagantly blessed, and fiercely loved. I truly want to soak up EVERY OUNCE of every single thing the Lord sends into my life in every season. The goodness of my God absolutely and utterly astounds and leaves me in complete awe. Happy Wednesday to all of you!

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